"The Police Were Out For Blood": Viral Video Shows French Police Toss Man In Wheelchair To Ground

Authored by Joseph Jankowski via PlanetFreeWill.com,

In what will not rest well with the French public – who have decided to take to the streets with the feeling of being left behind and made poor by socialistic, globalist policy – a video of police tossing a disabled man out of his wheelchair is now going viral in France.

The video, taken at a checkpoint near Yellow Vest protesting in Bessan over the weekend, shows a disabled man in a verbal exchange with police.

An officer can be seen lifting the wheelchair-bound man off the street and placing him over the curb, into the muddy ground.

Shortly after being stuck in the mud, and as protesters attempted to wheel him away, the man is tossed from his chair by police.


According to independent journalist Brett MacDonald, this incident is far from isolated as it reflects the general police response to the Yellow Vest protesters over the weekend.

McDonald was able to grab a translation from a French speaker who says that the police in the video claim to have been insulted by the handicapped man.

The independent journalist also notes that the paramilitary police force in the video are apart of the French armed forces and under control of the inerior minister, not some local precinct. McDonald’s assessment that the behavior in the viral video was par for the course for French police forces during the latest protests is also shared by journlaist Luke Rudkowski who was on the ground in Paris during the unrest.

“This video is outraging people all over Europe, specifically here in France,” Rudkowski said of the video above in his reporting from the French capital.

“And what we saw yesterday was the protestors really being at their best, really not trying to cause violence because it was the police that antagonized, that started the violence, that spread the violence, that made the situation that much worse,” Rudkowski continued.

"The police were out for blood, there was no remorse."

So, as unpopular French President Macron is set to face his country in a televised address Monday evening, it will remain to be seen if anything can be done to unknot the tensions between the people of France and the power structure in the face of this weekends violence which appears to have been mainly initiated by the Macron government delpoyed police.