Mall Ninjas Rejoice; Nunchucks Now Protected Under 2nd Amendment

Nunchuck-wielding New Yorkers are free to injure themselves in the testicles after a federal judge ruled last week that the state's 45-year ban on the simple but deadly weapon is unconstitutional and protected by the Second Amendment. 

The ruling, reported by, was based on a 15-year-old case brought by New York attorney, college professor and amateur martial artist James Maloney - who created his own martial arts style revolving around the use of nunchucks.

Maloney filed the suit to overturn New York's ban, as he wanted to train his children in the art as well as possess the weapons legally at home. 

Judge Pamela K. Chen found in favor of James M. Maloney in her 32-page ruling on Friday, arguing that the sale, use, and possession of nunchaku or chuka sticks — a simple weapon consisting of two sticks connected by a length of chain or rope — is protected by the Second Amendment. As such, New York’s ban on such weapons, enacted in 1974 after their popularity in martial arts films of the time, went too far and is an unconstitutional restriction. 


As part of his case, witnesses for Maloney advised that at least 64,890 factory-produced metal and wood nunchakus were sold to individuals in the U.S. since 1995. 


In an effort to preserve the law, the Nassau County District Attorney, where Maloney lives, argued there were 56 anecdotal nunchaku-related incidents in the country since 1974, to which Chen, a 2013 appointment by President Obama, said, “Even if Defendant had offered evidence of these 56 incidents at trial, they do not constitute clear and convincing evidence, or a preponderance of evidence, that nunchakus are not commonly used by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes.”

Nunchucks are still banned in California, Massachusetts and Arizona with limited exceptions such as martial arts schools. 

This is all Bruce Lee's fault... 

Read the decision below: