WikiLeaks May Sue Conspiracy Theorist Louise Mensch

WikiLeaks has offered to sue anti-Trump neoconservative provocateur and former conservative UK MP, Louise Mensch, after she tweeted that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden "committed espionage of military secrets under Putin's direct orders.

The controversy began after Mensch (who has previously admitted that years of hard drugs left her with "long-term mental health" issues) fired off a response to a tweet by the ACLU on Saturday linking to an article in which the civil rights organization asked Edward Snowden about blockchain technology. 

"What the hell is espionage against the United States committed on behalf of a homophobic fascist who kills journalists on his birthday? We asked @Snowden and his enabler @ACLU," mocked Mensch.

After a few Twitter followers engaged Mensch, she lashed out again - tweeting that Snowden would be executed if he stepped foot back in the United States, as he "committed espionage of military secrets under Putin's direct orders" - an assertion Mensch appears to have created out of thin air. 

WikiLeaks jumped into the fray, replying to Mensch: "@snowden do you want us to sue this serial fabricator?"

To which Mensch defiantly replied: Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough, Stinky. PS: you’re not," followed by "You would have standing to sue, though, as I will HAPPILY stipulate that you and @Snowden are essentially the same entity, twin assets of the Russian state, both traitors, both working under the direction of RIS. At least @Snowden didn’t add rape to the treason and espionage."

Mensch has made various claims over the last few years which should serve as a cautionary tale for those considering hard drugs. In April, she suggested that Russia funded the Ferguson race riots, which began the day after a black man, Michael Brown, was gunned down by white police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. 

She has accused a laundry list of people of being Russian shills, including Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and many others. 

In August of 2017, Mensch and journalist Claude Taylor proffered the conspiracy theory that President Trump's defunct modeling agency was under investigation for potential sex trafficking, and that former President Bill Clinton was going to testify in the case. 

The pair claimed that there was at least one sealed indictment in the case, and that President Trump is "under multiple sealed indictments" in the Mueller investigation. 

The initial inkling of this outrageous story, mind you, came from one hoax of a source, who was intentionally trying to feed them the misinformation “out of frustration over the ‘dissemination of fake news.'” Taylor has since apologized for not vetting the source; Mensch has dug in her heels, saying she received the information a different source, which is funny because that would mean the exact allegation–which was made up out of thin air by an intentional hoaxer–is also being spread by someone else.

Indeed it’s a gnarly web of allegations and outright falsehoods. And, again, it’s another reason why, as I wrote last month, people like Louise Mensch should not have a Twitter checkmark, which grants users validity and adds weight to what they tweet. This is exactly how fake news starts. -FastCompany

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