Brand New Tesla Model S Spontaneously Combusts Twice

A Tesla Model S that was not being worked on and was not involved in a collision spontaneously combusted on Tuesday, catching fire in a tire shop parking lot near the Bay Area, according to NBC. After the fire department arrived and the Tesla was subsequently towed away, it then reignited a second time at a tow yard.

The owner of the tire shop said after the vehicle was brought in on a tow truck, they noticed a "hissing sound" coming from it before the vehicle went up in flames. The batteries in the vehicle continued to burn long after the flames were put out, the fire department concluded, and there was no indication that anyone was shooting at the batteries this time.

After the vehicle was towed from the tire shop to a tow yard, it again went up in flames. Fire officials remained at the scene to keep watch over the batteries and ensure that they didn’t reignite a third time.

"[Fire crews] said that Tesla batteries tend to reignite," the report said. 

"It's a brand new car, I just got it three months ago, there's only 1200 miles on the car," the owner told NBC Bay Area. The report stated that the owner will likely not replace the car with another Tesla due to "a lack of customer service" and "safety concerns". 

"No more Teslas," the driver told NBC. "If this car was in the house and we were on vacation, and this thing caught fire in the garage, the whole house could go under!"