Global Controversy Erupts Over Whether Labour Leader Called Theresa May A 'Stupid Woman'

The last thing the UK needed was another distraction from the slow-moving Brexit trainwreck.

But that's exactly what it got on Wednesday when the House of Commons was engulfed by a controversy over whether Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn called the prime minister a "stupid women" under his breath during Wednesday's PMQs (the last session of the year before Parliament leaves for its holiday break).

Instead of debating the merits of an immigration white paper, Tory MPs are demanding that Commons Speaker John Bercow formally censor Corbyn for the alleged remark, which he reportedly said under his breath following a final exchange with May, where she mocked Corbyn's decision not to call for a vote of no confidence, according to the Guardian.

A Corbyn spokesman denied that the opposition leader made the (allegedly sexist) remark, claiming Corbyn instead muttered "stupid people" under his breath.

At least one lip-reading 'expert' has confirmed that Corbyn is lying...

....and American actor Rob Lowe has also weighed in, which means the controversy has officially gone global.

The controversy has generated some memorable images, including this one, showing MPs confronting Bercow to demand that he censor Corbyn.


Undecided on where you lie in this debate? Watch the video below and decide for yourself: