Largest Bond Manager in the World, Jeffrey Gundlach, Blacklisted by Cramer

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Who the fuck does Jim Cramer think he is, blacklisting the bond King, Jeffrey Gundlach? In a late night tweet, Gundlach said he'd no longer be making appearances on CNBC -- thanks to Cramer.

The only rationale for such a black-balling is due to the previous interview, where Gundlach laid down a bearshitting thesis which help rock markets and splay a Buddy Hackett sized bucket of egg all over Cramer's stupid fat face.


A little background on the Gundlach-Cramer drama. He's been throwing shade at Jim since he took to twitter.

In any case, Gundlach manages $150 billion in bonds and should be given a god damned platform if he wants one on CNBC.