Death Toll From "Child Of Krakatoa" Tsunami Climbs: 373 Dead, 1,400 Wounded

Update: As expected, the death toll from Saturday night's devastating tsunami in the Sunda Strait has nearly doubled over the past day as Indonesia authorities have expanded their efforts to recover the dead and save any injured found alive. According to the latest count, the death toll has climbed to 373 from 222, with 1,400 injured, according to the Washington Times.

Body bags were laid out along the shattered coastline as Indonesian authorities stepped up efforts to collect the dead and save the injured Monday in the aftermath of a tsunami that was apparently triggered by a volcanic eruption. The death toll climbed to 373 and was certain to rise.

More than 1,400 people were injured and at least 128 were missing after the killer waves slammed into western Java and southern Sumatra without warning Saturday night, smashing homes to pieces and sweeping locals and Christmastime tourists into the sea.

Hundreds of military personnel and volunteers brought in by the government and international charities are searching the beaches of Sumatra and Java that were impacted by the wave.

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A tsunami believed to have been triggered by the collapse of a volcano called the "Child of Krakatoa" slammed into coastal areas on the islands of Java and Sumatra late Saturday, becoming the second deadly wave to hammer the island nation this year.

At least 281 people have died and more than 1,000 people are still missing; international charities and the Indonesia government say they're pouring resources into a recovery operation.

While communications are still down across much of the affected area, images and video footage of the damage has already made its way to social media.


Here's drone footage of the area around the Sunda Strait (where the wave originated), courtesy of the Guardian.

Here's a glimpse of what the aftermath looks like:


Survivors inspecting the damage


Indonesia's President Joko Widodo inspects debris in Carita


Debris strewn across the beach in Carita


Rescue workers clear debris in Tanjung Lesung


Damaged buildings and vehicles in Baten Province


A rescuer walks past a damaged house in Carita


A man hunts for a missing relative at a morgue in Carita.


Rescuers look for survivors along the coast in South Lampung.


Damaged homes and debris in Sumur


A clock sits among debris in Way Muli Timur Village


Survivors gather at temporary shelter in Tanjung Lesung


A man sits near the ruins of houses in Anyer, Banten province


A damaged property in Carita


A survivor identifies a relative among the victims

With the rescue operation still in its early stages, the death toll is expected to climb, as not all of the affected areas have been reached by rescuers.