Trump Tells 7-Year-Old Boy That Santa Isn't Real

The White House had already easily met its Christmas controversy quota by shuttering the government, pulling out of Syria and browbeating the chairman of the Federal Reserve during the runup to the holiday. But amid all of the outrage and virtue-signaling backlash to his latest string of policy decisions, President Trump apparently committed an unforgivable violation in the eyes of many liberals on Christmas Eve: Telling a child that Santa isn't real.


During what has become a White House tradition, President Trump and the First Lady joined NORAD in its tradition of tracking Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. The president even took calls from children who were hoping to speak with Santa directly. In response to a request from a seven-year-old boy named Coleman, Trump asked whether the boy was "still a believer" in Santa "because at seven it's marginal, right?"

Though the news broke late on Christmas Eve, it swiftly stirred up outrage on Twitter. After reading the pool report, one Washington Post columnist was rendered incredulous by the audacity displayed by the president to dare joke with a young child about such a serious subject.

Some laughed off the comment as just another example of Trump being Trump...

...At least one person on twitter accused the president of "ruining Christmas" and demanded he resign.

And others simply seized on the opportunity to mock Trump.

For what it's worth, Trump and Melania tweeted that helping children track Santa had become one of their favorite traditions.

But angry liberals should be able to find a silver lining in all of this: at least Trump didn't insist that Santa was white and/or a man.