New Yorkers Fear 'Alien Invasion' After Mysterious Blue Light Floods City Skyline

A mysterious blue light rising over Queens Thursday night sowed mass confusion in the metropolis of nearly 9 million people as thousands of city dwellers took to their social media feeds to express fears that the aliens might have finally arrived...only to learn that the source of the light was quite pedestrian.

Adding to the effect, power in nearby homes flickered, the 7 train experienced major service disruptions, Riker's Island was forced to rely on backup generators and La Guardia airport was plunged into darkness.

According to the NYPD and Con Edison, a few transformers at the Con Ed substation on 20th Avenue and 32nd Street in Astoria tripped and caused a fire at a power, which was described as the source of the eerie blue light. The fire was quickly brought under control, but not before thousands of New Yorkers took to the streets (or social media) to wonder what the hell was going on, NBC News reported.

And for 20 minutes before the NYPD revealed the cause, residents commenting on social media appeared to come to a unanimous conclusion: Aliens.

Haunting blue-tinged photos and videos flooded social media:






The NYPD and ConEd are still investigating the cause of the fire.