"Real" Witches Triggered By Trump's Use Of "Witch Hunt"

Witches - those who follow the Wiccan religion, have their cauldrons bubbling over President Trump's use of the phrase "Witch Hunt" to describe the ongoing Russia investigation which began more than two years ago. 

As the Daily Wire reports, CNN ran a segment last week to report that witches - who "tend to side with liberals," don't appreciate the plight of their fore-witches being compared to an endless investigation based on flimsy evidence of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia - which has morphed to encompass everything from porn-star payoffs to nude selfies

David Salisbury, the author of "Witchcraft Activism," called Trump's use of the term "really disgraceful," adding that "thousands of people were executed on suspicion of witch hunt."

Amanda Yates Garcia, who is known as "the Oracle of Los Angeles," said: "There are a lot to be offended by by Donald Trump, and I think his use of the term 'witch hunt' is very low on the list of priorities for most witches, but nevertheless, it does demonstrate his ignorance, as usual." -Daily Wire

Fox News also covered the Witches' bitching:

Trump does like to use the phrase a lot...