Pelosi's Daughter: Mom Will "Cut Your Head Off And You Won't Even Know You're Bleeding"

Nancy Pelosi is apparently quite deadly according to her daughter.

Fresh on the heels of a gruesome ISIS beheading in Morocco, filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi told CNN that her mother, the 78-year-old House Minority Leader, possesses the ability to decapitate a person so efficiently that they have no idea they're even bleeding! 

During a discussion on CNN's "New Day" about her mother's shutdown discussions with President Trump ahead of a Wednesday afternoon White House meeting with congressional leaders, Pelosi said of her mother: "She’ll cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding." 

"No one ever won betting against Nancy Pelosi. You've got to give her credit, no matter what you think of her," she added. 

The younger Pelosi pointed to her mother's several decades of House service throughout several presidencies, adding that it should "make you sleep at night" that "at least somebody in this town knows what they're doing." 

Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues are hoping to pass a bill this week that would end the partial government shutdown. It is not expected to contain a red cent of the $5 billion Trump has demanded for his wall, which means "Samurai" Pelosi will probably have to go back to the drawing board.