Sacha Stone: The Deep State Has Already Lost

In our interview with Sacha Stone, he says the "deep state" has already lost, and credits the Trump administration and Putin legacy for “ratting out the Babylonian Priesthood.” 

“The intelligence agencies of the world are largely responsible for human trafficking and pedophile rings—and drugs and guns and gold—but good people within those agencies have come together and appear to be ratting out the nefarious elements. That, I think, is a signature of where we're at right now, as a civilization. Good people within these government agencies and even within the deep state of the military intellectual complex—good military brass and good intelligence officers—are coming together and ratting out, cleaning house themselves. That is absolutely a signature of 2018-2019. Actually, I'd say it's a signature of the Trump administration and certainly the Putin legacy as well. I think history will reflect that Putin and Trump are two living men of the living soil who have managed to rat out the Babylonian Priesthood, one way or the other, and that's not necessarily a testament to their own vision and their own noble expression, but they are certainly the totems that are at the front of the incumbencies of the Russian presidency and the American presidency that have aligned for the first time, I believe, in history."