Man Vomiting Blood Treated For Suspected Ebola In Sweden

Update: Swedish health officials have reported that the suspected Ebola case is a false alarm following the results of tests carried out on the unidentified patient.


A man vomiting blood was admitted to a Swedish hospital for suspected Ebola after spending around three weeks in the African country of Burundi, according to Sky News

He was initially admitted to a hospital in the Swedish town of Enkoping, Sweden before he was transferred to nearby Uppsala University Hospital - where the emergency clinic has been closed. 

Healthcare workers who have been in contact with the young man at both hospitals are also under close observation according to the regional authority. 

Authorities have stressed that the disease may not be Ebola, and that for now it's "only a matter of suspicion."

Test results are expected Friday night. 

The Ebola virus can take as many as three weeks to present symptoms, which include fever, stomach pain and highly infectious blood coming from a victim's orifices. 

Burundi neighbors the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which is currently in its sixth month of the country's largest Ebola outbreak ever. So far the disease has been contained in the eastern region of the DRC, however officials are concerned that residents fleeing the country to neighboring Uganda following a tumultuous presidential election may spread the disease across borders.