The real secret to wealth creation (Zero Hedge Exclusive) - Columbia, SC January 7 2019


The internet is full of ‘get rich quick’ articles, books, and ‘systems’ – and they all have an angle on investing.  Actually, many of them are based on sound principles, but in order to sell them the marketers warp the message (both the front end and the back end content).  For example, a strategy used by Warren Buffet such as value investing, can be explained in 50,000 words.  But it can also be explained in a few sentences.


What none of these articles and ‘systems’ mention – none of them – is Pre IPO.  They don’t mention that initial Amazon investors made 14 Million percent returns on their money, or that the music group U2 made more money on Pre IPO than selling music.  Why won’t it say all this?  Because if everyone did it, the returns wouldn’t be so good.  That’s how secrets work.  When you ask the question “If this is so good why doesn’t everyone do it?” you have disqualified yourself as an Elite investor.  Because as soon as things become watered down for the consumer, they also become less potent. 


Be aware – by following in the footsteps of Pre IPO investors it does not guarantee that you will become a billionaire.  However, if you do want to grow your wealth into a small fortune, it is the only proven path.  The other option is starting your own business, being the entrepreneur – but not everyone has the desire, skill, or will in order to do that.  And even if you do – can you maintain that drive for 5 or 10 years that may be necessary to launch your concept?  Few can. 


The simple question you may be asking yourself is ‘how’ you can do this – you’re sold on the why.


The answer is you need access to Pre IPO shares.  There are thousands of Pre IPO companies, we can use some of the popular names like examples – such as Space X and Uber.  Any company, actually almost all companies – give their employees stock options.  Also, Venture Capital investors who are usually early stage may want an exit for at least some of their money.  So there are natural sellers of Pre IPO shares.  You need to find them.  You can get them from a broker, but this may cost you up to 20%.  There can be lock ups.


Pre IPO Swap provides investor access direct to the Cap Table where your name appears on the share register, no lockups.  We do this at the best possible price and with the lowest fees.  How is this possible?  Because we aren’t a broker, we aren’t an institution, because we have the connections – and we’re not greedy.


Every deal is different – but typically there is a $1 Million minimum – so this isn’t for everyone.  And, not every deal will be the next Facebook (FB).  The good news is very few of them lose.  It’s possible, but it’s rare. 


Join the club of owners – that own America.  Become a shareholder.  Shareholders have rights.  Shareholders get dividends.


Bear in mind, that if you do use a broker and this broker has setup an LLC or other type of ‘proxy’ allowing you to own the shares through this proxy you may not have any rights – as you will always be beholden to this broker, as they are the ultimate beneficiary. 


Investors should have as much transparency as possible – that’s our opinion.  Not because it’s ethical – because it’s the only way that business works in the long term.  Hidden deals, tricks, and misleading information lead to disputes – which we want to avoid.  We want everyone to be happy and enjoy their equity to the fullest extent possible. 


The secret also lies in holding – don’t get excited by the ups and downs in a Pre IPO investment.  If you held Microsoft (MSFT) from the IPO date it returned almost 70,000% - but you’d have to hold it that long.  Sign up for blog updates free @ 


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