Trump Slams "Crazed Lunatics" In The "Fake News Media"

Though trash is piling up in National Parks and the partial government shutdown is now tied for the second-longest on record, President Trump is riding high after Friday's blockbuster jobs report, which sent US stocks soaring.

But that hasn't stopped him from lashing out at one of his favorite targets - the "fake news" media - on Monday, even as the first round of trade talks with China have begun in Beijing and stocks are pointing to a higher open. In a series of tweets, Trump slammed the media as a bunch of "crazed lunatics" who use "non-existent sources & write stories that are totally fiction."

He added that they have "given up on the TRUTH!" despite the fact that "Our Country is doing so well."

In a third tweet, Trump revived his rhetoric referring to the media as the "enemy of the people."

Trump's decision to lash out at the press comes as Trump says he's considering declaring a "national emergency" to force the US Army to build the wall. Many in the media have blamed Trump for the shutdown, though Democrats - by refusing to even consider a compromise - are equally responsible for the deadlock.