Heathrow Grounds Flights As Police Investigate Drone Sighting

Update (1:30 pm ET): Flights at Heathrow have resumed, according to media reports.

* * *

Apparently, Heathrow couldn't install its new anti-drone system quickly enough.

According to reports in UK's ITV, the runway at London's Heathrow Airport - one of the biggest airport's in Europe - has been closed due to a drone sighting, in what sounds like a nightmarish re-run of the incident that recently shut down Gatwick airport for 36 hours during the middle of the holiday travel rush.

All departures have been halted while the Metropolitan Police investigate.


Cassandra Fairbanks, a US-based independent journalist, was departing from Heathrow after visiting with Julian Assange when her flight was grounded due to the drone activity.

According to individuals who are waiting on their grounded flights, Heathrow's control tower has "no idea" when flights will resume.

It's probably worth noting that the person or people behind the drone sightings that shut down Gatwick have not been caught.