Brazil's Bolsonaro Blasts Left's "Marxist Indoctrination... Enslaving Kids To Welfare Dependence"

Less than two weeks after he was sworn into office, Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro is making good on his commitments to dismantle the Marxist indoctrination underpinning Brazil's culture.

To explain his perspective on how Brazil's left has indoctrinated the children in Brazil to enslave society, Bolsonaro took to Twitter...

By way of background, as The Brazilian Report explained last year, the "Schools without Political Parties" initiative - which imposes several limitations on teachers in the classroom against the perceived "leftist indoctrination" in Brazilian education - is a pillar of Brazil's Jair Bolsanaro's agenda and promotes forbidding teachers from mentioning "gender ideology" and stating that they can't go against the moral and religious convictions of students' parents.

Critics say it would bring censorship and intimidation to schools, but Mr. Bolsonaro's choice of Mr. Ricardo Velez-Rodriguez as Brazil's Minister of Education - a self-declared "anti-Marxist," makes it clear that the "re-foundation" of the nation's education system intends to end a structure which "dismantles traditional values of our society [...] of family, religion, and patriotism."

In a November 7 blog post, he wrote that Brazilians have become "hostages of an education system that indoctrinates students into scientism and Marxism."

In another post, he said Brazil "should resist politically correct globalism, which has adopted the crazy notion of 'gender education."

He continues: "This nonsense must end."

Additionally, Damares Alves, an evangelical pastor who has been appointed Brazil’s the new Human Rights Minister, said, according to the Associated Press,

“Girls will be princesses and boys will be princes...There will be no more ideological indoctrination of children and teenagers in Brazil.”

And this is what Bolsonaro focused on in his brief speech yesterday...

Full Transcript:

What is their [the left's] objective in doing this [exposing kids to early sexual discussions]?

Their goal is that your children that study in public schools - sorry to say this because when I was young, public schools used to be decent... now only the poor put their kids there because they don't have any other choice - learn about nothing so that in the future they are entirely dependent on the government for everything.

Now, I say to you [beneficiaries of social welfare], what's more important to you? I know social welfare is important to many of you, but is social welfare more important than your kids' dignity? Your kids' honor?

And I'll say more, The Workers' Party, through their website (Humaniza Redes), they say clearly that Pedophilia is not a crime, and that the pedophile can only be judged after an export does a "detailed report," because if the pedophile has some kind of "mental disorder," according to Rousseff's website which is linked to the human rights secretary, that had Mrs. Maria de Rosario as its Chief, he's only considered a pedophile if he doesn't suffer from any mental disorder... or if the pedophilia was practiced for no commercial purposes.

This is what they [The Workers' Party] want for kids since the age of six.

What are they doing all throughout Brazil?

Approximately 100,000 public schools are being used for political propaganda for The Workers' Party.

Like Professor [Marco Antonio] Villa has been saying: "The Department of Education (MEC) cannot be used as Propaganda for a political party."

Besides defending the dignity of our children, we are taking care of our own future... no wonder I'm wearing this short of Japan.

In Japan, kids of 6/7 years can solve math problems our college students can't, because here in Brazil, it's more important to teach a boy that he's not a boy and a girl that she's not a girl (like they did in the National High School Exam) than to teach them something that will allow them to free themselves from social welfare, poverty, and misery.

Is it any wonder the globalists are terrified of this truth-speaking leader?