"Elon Wants This Fat P*ssy": Azealia Banks Posts Text Message Flame War With Grimes

Just a couple of days ago we posted that subpoenas could be forthcoming for Elon Musk's ex-girlfriend, Grimes, and Musk’s one time houseguest Azealia Banks, as part of an investor lawsuit against Musk for last summer's "funding secured" fiasco. We said in the post that the discovery process in the case could lead to interesting information as to what was going on behind the scenes, and in the mind of the parties involved, during the time Musk is alleged to have committed securities fraud.

It now looks like we may not even need to wait – according to an unverified Twitter account (and semi-confirmed circumstantially by statements made on Banks' Instagram) Azealia Banks allegedly recently posted conversations of text messages between her and Grimes from the summer of 2018. Upon examining these alleged text messages it appears as though Banks and Grimes had a massive falling out in August 2018 that led to a text message flame war. 

The texts show Grimes allegedly calling Banks a "narc" and Banks leading on that Elon Musk might be interested in her instead of Grimes. Banks calls Grimes a "sore loser" and later tells her she doesn't "even have bone marrow". 

After being called fat, Banks allegedly tells Grimes she smells "like a roll of nickels" and that she's "not enough woman" for a man like Musk. "Elon is way out of your league," Banks says. "He wants me...bad," she continues. 

After Grimes allegedly pokes Banks with a food joke, Banks follows up by informing her that "Elon wants this fat pussy". She tells Grimes she needs "an IV and a tan" as well as "some breast implants, lip fillers and a burger". 

"You're a basic white woman," Banks allegedly says to Grimes. "I am by nature - superior to you, dear," she continues, before Grimes finally ends the conversation. "Sweet narc dreams," Grimes says to Banks, who signs off by saying "OK you brittleboned methhead". 

Though we were not able to verify these texts from Banks' instagram at the time we published this, we were able to locate a post in her IG story that seems to allude to the fact that they had been taken down. 

If you couldn't wait for discovery in this lawsuit before, we can’t imagine how you’re feeling about it now. The strange Tesla saga continues - and it feels like it's only going to get stranger.