"I Will Dog Walk You" - Cardi B Threatens Fox's Tomi Lahren In Twitter Feud Over Government Shutdown

Cardi B has moved on from feuding with rival rapper Nicki Minaj to throwing down on twitter with former Fox News personality Tomi Lahren.

After Cardi B (we the explicit encouragement of her marketing team, we imagine) made a splash in the days before the Women's March by posting a profanity-laced rant calling on Trump to end the government shutdown, earning a place on the signs carried by the pussy hat wearing set...

...She roused the anger of #MAGA twitter by posting a meme calling on Trump to go without pay until he ends the shutdown.

Prompting a mocking tweet from Tomi Lahren.

Instead of just letting it go, Cardi B did what any self-respecting girl from the Bronx would and threatened to "dog walk" Lahren.

Something that even Lahren couldn't dispute. But issuing violent threats doesn't make your ideas any less moronic.

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper responded by accusing Lahren of being "blinded by racism"...unintentionally supporting the Fox News politicians' point.

Then turned to attacking some random guy who chimed in on twitter.

Even AOC, fresh off her latest controversy where she refused to condemn anti-semitism at the Women's March, got involved.

We're looking forward to the next installment of Cardi B feuding with Republicans on Twitter where she brands Anne Coulter an "opp".