Sound Money & Human Liberty Are Inextricably Linked

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SBTV speaks with Claudio Grass, an independent precious metals adviser based in Switzerland. A proponent of sound money and the Austrian School of Economics, Claudio shares his convictions on why human liberty and sound money are inextricably linked.

Claudio's website:

Discussed in this interview:

02:39 Relationship between liberty and sound money
06:51 Keynesian view of money
09:58 Similarities between Austrian School and Keynesian economics?
14:00 Geopolitical issues clouding the near future
18:08 Hindrance to going back to sound money
23:12 Gold and silver to be monetary metals again?
26:23 Not enough gold to back fiat currencies?
28:08 New monetary system with gold and cryptocurrencies?
31:53 Why hold silver?
34:56 How much longer fiat currency system will last.

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