Warning: This Market Rig is Going to End BADLY

The market rally has devolved into a complete farce.


The latest reason stocks rallied? An article from the Wall Street Journalclaiming that  the Trump admin was considering cutting tariffs on China (implying a trade deal is close). 


The story was debunked as 100% FAKE NEWS within an hour.


This kind of ridiculous intervention ALWAYS ends terribly. We saw the same thing in 2008, right before the meltdown hit. I’m beginning to suspect the same situation is about to play out.  


After all, as much as the bulls like to get excited about this ramp job, the fact remains the bull market is over.



The fact also remains that the Fed isn’t coming to the rescue for stocks. Sure, Fed Chair Powell and his cohorts might talk about slowing the pace of rate hikes or adjusting the Balance Sheet reduction… but neither of those things means actually EASING.


And without easing (more liquidity) stocks are on borrowed time.



How far will stocks fall?

We already know the answer. Economic measures like Gasoline are showing us.

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Graham Summers

Chief Market Strategist

Phoenix Capital Research