NIRP, Cash Bans and Wealth Taxes Are Coming to the US

If you’re looking for a template for what’s coming to the US during the next crisis, Europe is the place to start.

Europe has already imposed cash grabs via Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP). That’s where banks CHARGE you for the right to keep your money.

Europe is also where ATMs and banks have limited cash withdrawals, so people who try to avoid paying the interest caused by NIRP face obstacle after obstacle as they try to get their money out.

Europe is also where regulators seized over 50% of deposits over a certain amount in order to prop up a failing bank. It’s called a “Bail-In” but it was abject theft.

If you think these things aren’t coming to the US, you’re mistaken. As I detail out in my best-selling book The Everything Bubble: The Endgame For Central Bank Policythe political elite have already been looking into ways to implement ALL of these strategies.

And if you think this will only be targeted at the very wealthy, consider that the IMF has already proposed a 10% wealth tax on NET wealth for everyone.

This wealth tax would be used to prop up insolvent nations that have indulged in excessive spending. 

Speaking of which...

A few days ago yet another political elite called for increased spending in the form of “Medicare for all.”

This is neither original nor clever. Multiple front-runners from both political parties are pushing for increased spending, whether it be in the form of a massive infrastructure plan, socialized medicine,some kind of "Green Deal" climate change boondoggle and more.

This comes at a time when the US is already running $1 TRILLION deficits… while maintaining GDP growth of 3%+.

Put another way, the US is already spending money it doesn’t have at a pace usually associated with DEEP recessions/ crises.

And the political elites are ALREADY calling for more spending.

There is a reason Gold is exploding higher. There is a reason why currencies around the world are losing purchasing power at a rapid clip. It’s because the markets have realized that Governments are going to try to SPEND their way out of the coming crisis.

And this means WEALTH TAXES.

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