Are These Ralph Northam's Blackface Pants?

An undated yearbook photo appears to show Virginia Governor Ralph "Coonman" Northam sporting the same pair of pants as a man in blackface pictured in his 1984 medical school yearbook. 

The photo in question features a group of boys standing in front of a car below the title "Hi-Y" (a YMCA boys-only high-school program). The caption below indicates that Ralph Northam was the group's president, while a boy standing on the right side is wearing what appears to be an identical pair of pants to the figure in blackface in Northam's controversial 1984 yearbook page. 

"While balancing classes and work, Ralph also distinguished himself as captain of the both the basketball and baseball teams, and President of Student Government, the Beta Club and the Hi-Y Club, reads Northam's bio at Our Campaigns

Northam came under fire after Big League Politics published a page from Northam's 1984 yearbook of him in blackface. The photo had been floating around for months prior to publication, as indicated by Fox's Dan Bongino who said someone sent it to him in October. 

Northam initially apologized for appearing in the photo, only to walk that back in a quagmire of a Friday press conference in which he said he was "unaware of what was on my [yearbook] page," and that he was neither the person in blackface or the KKK robes. 

He also admitted to going in blackface as Michael Jackson during a dance contest during the same press conference, and then took a reporter's request to "moonwalk" seriously before his wife told him it was "inappropriate circumstances." 

Northam has faced calls to resign from prominent Democrats seeking to distance themselves from the Virginia Governor, while President Trump waited until Saturday to weigh in.