Ratings For "Worst Super Bowl Ever" Hit 10-Year Low

Last night's Super Bowl - dubbed the "worst super bowl ever" by sportswriter Jeff Pearlman - had the worst ratings in a decade, according to Deadline

when it comes to ratings, Super Bowl LIII is not one anyone’s going to want to brag about.

Shown on CBS for the first time since 2016 and with ad spots going for around $5 million each, the Rams’ loss scored a 44.9/68 in metered market results.

To put that in the starkest light of day, that’s a dip of just over 5.2% from the big NFL battle of February 4, 2018 on NBC in the first round of ratings. On a larger playing field, that metered market result for yesterday’s game is the worst the Super Bowl has done in the early numbers since the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals on February 1, 2009. -Deadline

Deadspin's Barry Petchesky puts things in perspective, noting that Super Bowl LIII broke several records for crappyness:

  • Fewest points in a game
  • Fewest points in a game by a winning team
  • Fewest points through three quarters
  • Fewest touchdowns in a game
  • Fewest passing touchdowns in a game (tied)
  • Fewest points in a game by one team (tied)
  • Fewest touchdowns in a game by one team (tied)
  • Most consecutive drives by one team ending in a punt

Infographic: Patriots Triumph in Lowest-Scoring Super Bowl Ever | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

 Putting Sunday night's disappointing debacle in perspective, Jeff Perarlman writes in CNN

Super Bowl LIII was not merely bad. It was a boring, lame, non-suspenseful, never-ending, drool-puddle exercise in all that can suck about professional football and the surrounding hoopla. If one is a fan of batted down passes and 2-yard runs up the gut; of the majestic follow through of a punter's leg and the flight of a field goal as it misses the mark ... well, mazel tov. The NFL will happily sell you a $175 commemorative short-sleeve hoodie.

Or, put differently: My mother and father — Hall of Fame-worthy sports ignoramuses— spent their afternoon having tea on a neighbor's patio while eating dried prunes and debating the merits of General Electric's line of dishwashers.

I envy them. -CNN

Maybe a kneeling scandal would have spiced things up?