Chinese New Year: The Biggest Human Migration In The World

The Chinese New Year begins today, and the year of the dog will cede its place to the pig, a zodiac sign that is supposed to attract luck and success.

Chinese New Year is one of the largest holidays for travel. During the New Year, hundreds of millions of people take planes, trains, and automobiles to celebrate the event with their friends and families.

This year, more than 400 million people celebrating Chinese New Year are expected to travel, including nearly 7 million abroad mainly in Thailand, Japan and Indonesia, according to Ctrip estimates.

Infographic: The Biggest Human Migrations in the World | Statista

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The second largest celebratory migration is for Purna Kumbh Mela, where in 2013 over 120 million Hindu people travelled to Allahabad for the two-month long holy festival. By comparison, only about 54 million people traveled for Thanksgiving in 2018.