Watch Jimmy Dore Dismantle NYT Journo After Failed Tulsi Gabbard Hit-Job

For those who missed it, Joe Rogan had Bari Weiss on "The Joe Rogan Experience" two weeks ago - where he took the New York Times' journalist to task in real time as she fumbled over facts, figures, and using a word without knowing what it means.

Weiss, a vocal critic of Donald Trump, was attempting to smear Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), who is quite possibly the largest threat to establishment Democrats in 2020 for her staunch "anti-interventionist" foreign policy agenda and populist views on the economy. 

Gabbard, an Iraq war veteran, took heat over a January 2017 trip to Syria, where she met with President Bashar al-Assad in what she said was an unplanned trip approved by the House Ethics Committee. For this, Gabbard has been mercilessly smeared by the establishment media - which has published blatant propaganda painting her as a Kremlin stooge

When Weiss attempted to smear Gabbard by calling her an "Assad Toady," Rogan didn't toe the line - asking her "what does that mean?" in reference to the word "Toady." 

Weiss, perhaps used to milquetoast NPR hosts, wasn't prepared for the pushback - fumbling around for an explanation of what a "Toady" is - even spelling it wrong in the process. 

"No, I think it's like, uh… T-O-A-D-I-E. I think it means what I think it means…" stammered the New York Times journalist. 

Rogan informs Weiss that a Toady is a "sycophant," and then asks her what qualifies Gabbard as a "sycophant"? To which Weiss replies: "I don't remember the details." 

Enter Jimmy Dore

While Rogan's pushback of Weiss was indeed devastating - progressive populist comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore absolutely dismantled her on Monday's edition of The Jimmy Dore Show. Yes, this is all a bit meta - but it's worth watching Dore and his guests perform a brutal dissection of Weiss's appearance that's worth 18 minutes of your time. 

Dore - who criticised NBC News over an anti-Gabbard report which relied on a discredited Democrat-run firm, has come under fire himself for criticizing the obvious propaganda. 

After Dore called out Russiagater Caroline Orr for her criticism of Gabbard, Orr tweeted "I wouldn’t doubt it if Jimmy Dore was a Russian asset."

Apparently anyone who doesn't conform to pro-war establishment narratives is a Russian stooge.