Admiral Says US Military Ready To Protect US Personnel In Venezuela

Here we go.

As Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro continues to cling to power even as more countries recognize the legitimacy of opposition leader Juan Guaido, who will soon benefit from a fund of Venezuelan oil revenue being set up by the US, a US Navy Admiral has offered the first hint that the US might be moving toward boots-on-the-ground military intervention in Latin America's floundering socialist paradise.

According to Reuters, the admiral said the US military is prepared to protect US personnel and diplomatic facilities in Venezuela "if necessary."

"We are prepared to protect US personnel and diplomatic facilities if necessary," Navy Admiral Craig Faller, the head of US Southern Command, said during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.

This even after Maduro backed down from threats to forcefully expel all US personnel in the days after Guaido dramatically declared himself the legitimate acting president of Venezuela late last month and called for new elections to be held.


US embassy building in Caracas

We've been warning all along that despite assurances from Guaido that the situation in Venezuela wouldn't devolve into an all-out civil war, that some kind of conflict still appeared imminent.

And President Trump and National Security Advisor John Bolton have maintained that the door remained open to a possible US military intervention.