Wells Fargo System Outage Continues, Bank Blames Power Shutdown After Smoke Detected

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Feb 07, 2019 - 13:14

Update3:  Hours later, the system-wide outage at Wells Fargo continues as customers remain unable to access their online accounts. 

The company said in a Thursday tweet: "We’re experiencing system issues due to a power shutdown at one of our facilities, initiated after smoke was detected following routine maintenance. We’re working to restore services as soon as possible."

Apparently Wells Fargo doesn't maintain redundant servers at a separate location in case of such incidents...

Update2: After their first attempt to provide people with account access crashed and burned, Wells Fargo is now simply apologizing and letting people know they can go to a branch or an ATM for their banking needs.

The bank has apologized again in a second Thursday tweet: 

Update: Wells Fargo's homepage now lands on a message which reads "We're experiencing some technical difficulties"

We apologize for the inconvenience as some of our web pages are temporarily unavaliable. You can still access your accounts through one of the links below: 

Wells Fargo Online® (Personal, Small Business, and Retirement Account customers)
Commercial Electronic Office® portal (Commercial customers)

That said, many who have tried the links provided were met with a "502 Bad Gateway" error. 


Wells Fargo's online banking and mobile app went down Thursday morning, leaving customers unable to access their accounts and conduct banking needs. It is the second time their system has gone down in less than a week

Spokeswoman Hillary O'Byrne says that the bank is investigating the cause of the outage.