Antisemitic Incidents At Record High In The UK

The latest figures from the Community Security Trust (CST) reveal a record high of 1,652 antisemitic incidents in the UK in 2018 - an increase of 16 percent on 2017.

Commenting on the jump in incidents, CST said that around 1 in 10 were “examples of, or related to arguments over, alleged antisemitism in the Labour Party”, saying that antisemitic incidents increased during the controversy surrounding Jeremy Corbyn's party.

Infographic: Antisemitic incidents at record high in the UK | Statista

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Further clarifying, Statista's Martin Armstrong notes the CST'sr annual report said:

“These periods saw an increased number of incidents directly related to those debates, while the increased attention paid to the issue of antisemitism is likely to have emboldened offenders and encouraged victims to report more incidents."

Another cause noted by monitors was the violence on the border betrween Israel and Gaza in April and May. Where the motivation behind attacks was known, 173 were anti-Israel, 84 were far-right and 13 were Islamist. The most common incident type was 'abusive behaviour'.

Home secretary Sajid Javid commented:

"The Jewish community should not have to tolerate these attacks and we are doing all we can to rid society of these poisonous views,” saying the incidents are "utterly despicable", while announcing a scheduled meeting on tackling antisemitism and other hate crime.

In addition to the 1,652 antisemitic incidents recorded by CST in 2018, a further 630 reports of potential incidents were received that were not deemed to be antisemitic and are not included in this total. Many of these 630 potential incidents involved suspicious activity or possible hostile reconnaissance at Jewish locations; criminal activity affecting Jewish people and buildings; and anti-Israel activity that did not include antisemitic language, motivation or targeting.