NHS Stockpiling Body Bags As 'No Deal' Brexit Odds Climb

'Project Fear' just went to 11...

For months now, Britons have been subjected to one alarming headline after another as the UK government and business community have scrambled to prepare for the food riots/trash crisis/blood in the streets that the "experts" have warned might happen after the customs barriers/iron curtain arise. In the last two weeks alone, leaks to the British press have warned about the revival of a Cold War era-plan to airlift the Queen out of London, the simmering risk of malnutrition and/or starvation as warehouses run out of fresh food and medicine, of course, an explosion of immigrant-fueled crime as the EU switches off access to various and sundry criminal databases.


And now, as if the vision of a Mad Max-style postapocalyptic hellscape wasn't vivid enough, a reporter for the UK's ITV has published a letter sent by Health Minister Stephen Hammond advising MPs that the NHS has begun purchases of emergency medical supplies - including stockpiles of body bags - in preparation for what the BOE, No. 10 Downing Street and others have decried as the "worst-case scenario" of a 'no-deal' Brexit.

As RT pointed out, Hammond singled out body bags as "essential products" imported via the EU. They are being stockpiled to guard against "serious disruptions" to the NHS. Hammond, the Tory MP for Wimbledon, also listed a number of other medical products, consumables and equipment - including various medicines and vaccines - that are being stockpiled.

Unsurprisingly, twitter has had a field day with the "body bags" revelation.

When approached for comment about the body bags, the NHS tried to play it down, offering a general comment about how shortages will be avoided.

"If everyone does what they should do, we are confident the supply of medicines and other medical supplies will be uninterrupted in the event of exiting the EU without a deal."

But even if the NHS falls short of its body-bag stockpiling goals, if a 'hard' Brexit does unleash the zombie apocalypse, they won't even need the bags!