Brother Of Bezos Mistress Denies Leaking Dick-Pics To Enquirer; Offers New Theory

Michael Sanchez, the brother of Jeff Bezos' mistress Lauren Sanchez, has outright denied being the National Enquirer's source of leaked dick pics of the Billionaire Amazon CEO, reports Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman. 

"I had nothing to do with leak of the dick pics. That’s the important thing," Sanchez told Sherman. "I never had access. It’s clear they were sent to others. There are, like, 20 dick pics."

Sanchez offers a new theory suggesting that the dick picks could have come from anywhere. 

"Lauren likely shared them with multiple girlfriends, not in a malicious way, that’s not her style, but when she’s in love, she got a kick out of sharing them. One time she tried to show me one and I was like, ‘What the fuck is wrong with you? I don’t want to see that!’"

Lauren and Michael Sanchez in an undated photo

That said, Sanchez did admit: "I’m not saying I didn’t do something." - an accusation first lobbed at Michael by longtime Bezos security chief Gavin de Becker, citing "political motives" due to Michael's avid support of Donald Trump. 

"Until I go under oath, what I can tell you now is that ever since April 20, when I met Jeff, my only goal has been to protect Jeff and Lauren," he added. 

On Sunday the Daily Beast reported that Michael Sanchez was the source of the "racy texts" - which included notes from Bezos such as "I want to smell you, I want to breathe you in. I want to hold you tight." 

As Sherman notes in Vanity Fair, "Michael’s claim that he is acting in Bezos’s best interest is difficult to fathom given that he’s been accused by de Becker as being the leaker and has maintained a friendly relationship with A.M.I. for years."

But Michael insisted he “loves Jeff” and wants his sister’s relationship to succeed. Over the last year, he said, he served as an unofficial adviser to the couple as they discussed what would happen if their love affair leaked. “They were talking marriage,” he told me. “The three of us had discussed before that, at some point, this was going to be a scandal. My advice was, let’s get to the other side. Our analogy was always that they were landing a 747. I told them, ‘You’re both pilots and you’ve never landed a 747, but that’s what we’re trying to do here.’”  -Vanity Fair

Michael Sanchez also claims that once Bezos and Lauren Sanchez were outed in January by an Enquirer reporter who called the couple for a comment on their affair, he helped them strategize over what to do. 

"Lauren and Jeff called me like 911. They were terrified," Michael said - adding that one of the options on the table included buying AMI, the Enquirer's parent company owned by Trump ally David Pecker

"We discussed the possibility to buy A.M.I.—not to kill the story, but to find out the source. They said that’s not a bad idea. We discussed numbers and the name of the LLC that we’d use. It would be called BOBO LCC”—short for Lauren’s helicopter filming company, Black Ops, and Bezos’s space company, Blue Origin—“that’s the level of detail we went into," said Michael Sanchez. 

Instead of executing that plan - which would have included Michael flying to New York on January 8 to meet with Enquirer editor Dylan Howard - Bezos hired powerhouse Los Angeles lawyer Marty Singer. The next day, Bezos tweeted that he was divorcing his wife MacKenzie. 

Michael Sanchez blamed de Becker, the security chief, for Bezos' change of heart for "selfish motives."

Sanchez says he and de Becker have had beef with each other ever since the Enquirer published the Bezos story. 

"Lauren calls it a cockfight," said Michael. 

The agendas of the opposing camps have produced competing theories as to who is to blame. In his Medium post, Bezos suggested a vast conspiracy involving Trump and Saudi Arabia and the possibility that his communications were hacked to damage him as payback for The Washington Post’s crusading investigation into the murder of Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. 

But Michael Sanchez said Bezos and de Becker are framing the scandal as a pro-Trump political hit job to distract the public from a far simpler story: Bezos cheated on his wife and de Becker’s security apparatus couldn’t prevent Bezos from being caught. Michael said de Becker’s judgment is clouded because he has been trying to break Lauren and Bezos up to protect MacKenzie Bezos, a close de Becker friend. De Becker reportedly told Bezos to agree to a 30-day physical separation from Lauren. -Vanity Fair

According to Michael Sanchez, the scandal has brought Bezos and his sister "closer together." 

"The truth will come out about my motivations and how much I believe in Jeff and Lauren’s love," said Michael. "It’s a legendary romance that will blow your mind as to just how in love they are. Jeff never blinked about losing $70 billion."