Cable Stable After May Suffers Another Defeat On Brexit Plan B Vote

Another day, another Brexit-related vote... and another disappointment for UK PM Theresa May.

As The FT reports, Theresa May has suffered a substantial parliamentary defeat on her Brexit plan B, undermining her credibility as she seeks to continue negotiations with the EU.

The prime minister lost by 303 votes to 258 after seeking MPs’ backing for her approach to renegotiating her withdrawal agreement with the EU after the House of Commons emphatically rejected it last month.

Thursday’s vote against her brought into serious question her claim two weeks ago to have “a substantial and sustainable majority” of MPs in favour of her approach.

The reaction (or lack of it) tells you all you need to know about this non-binding vote...

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn was quick to jump on the bandwagon (though notably has no solutions himself)...

“Tonight’s vote shows there is no majority for supporting the prime minister’s course of action on Brexit.”

Additionally, both wings of the Conservative party - Europhiles and Eurosceptics - expressed anger at Mrs May’s parliamentary tactics earlier in the day.

The Food and Drink Federation is quick with its response:

"The defeat of the Government motion tonight will increase fears among food and drink manufacturers that there is now a diminishing prospect of rescue from the catastrophe of a 'no-deal' Brexit," Chief Executive Ian Wright says in a statement.

The First Minister of Wales comments after the vote (Mark Drakeford @fmwales):

The PM is simply counting down the clock and forcing us into choice of no deal or her deal. This is a trap. It’s time to take no deal off the table, bring forward legislation to remove March 29th as exit day & seek extension to Article 50."

A no-deal brexit seems to be looming ever closer.