CNN Reporter Sparks Ethics Controversy After Kamala Harris "Fashion Shoot"

A CNN reporter covering the Kamala Harris campaign ignited a firestorm of criticism this weekend after she tweeted a video of herself helping Harris try on a colorful sequined jacket - with many questioning the reporter's commitment to journalistic objectivity after appearing to pal around with the subject of her reporting.

The incident occurred during a campaign trip to a boutique purportedly owned by a female entrepreneur who turned to entrepreneurship as a "way out" of poverty and dire life circumstances.

In the clip, CNN national political reporter Maeve Reston can be seen laughing and joking with Harris as she helps her try on the jacket. In the caption for her tweet, Reston wrote that "we kind of forced" Harris "to try on this awesome oversized rainbow sequin jacket...She snapped it up,"

Meanwhile, CBS News political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns also posted footage of the impromtu fashion shoot with the hasthtag #campaignfashionreport.

Fox News Brit Hume was one of the first to criticize the "journalists" for "going shopping" with the subject of their coverage, calling the incident "embarrassing."

Others were content to crack jokes about the aesthetically unappealing Mardi Gras jacket.

Though at least one other journalist who was present for the "jacket" incident stepped up to defend her colleagues by retweeting a tweet reminding the world of similar incidents involving male reporters.

The Federalists' Maggie Hemingway joked that, if readers paid close attention, they could detect a slight difference in how the media covers different politicians.

Responding to the torrent of criticism, CBS's Huey Burns defended her coverage by clarifying that she had asked several hard-hitting questions and that the boutique tour was part of a tour of shops run by economically disadvantaged women.

But while responses to the controversy have unsurprisingly diverged down partisan lines, at least the reporters involved can rest easy knowing that if their respective networks carry out a Buzzfeed style purge of their reporting staff, they might have a future working as fashion consultants on the Harris campaign.