The Great Global Wealth Grab is Back... $11 TRILLION and Counting!

Gold continues to soar, up 14% in the last six months and now challenging its 2018 highs.

If you’re looking to understand why Gold continues to rally, you don’t have to look any further than the political arena where more and more politicians are calling for wealth taxes and cash grabs.

Gold knows that these folks are not going to limit their plans to the super wealthy... it knows that eventually the calls will be for a tax on NET wealth...which is why it continues to move higher.

Gold ALSO knows that Central Banks are trapped… and will be forced to turn on the money printing presses shortly.

In the last week, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank, and the Federal Reserve have ALL abandoned any pretense of normalizing policy. 

While they have yet to start easing just yet, it’s now only a matter of time. 

Gold is rallying as investors look for a safe haven that CANNOT be devalued by Central Bank or stolen by the political class. Gold knows that BOTH of those items (theft of capital and devaluation of currencies) is only going to get worse going forward.

Put simply, Gold knows that the Great Global Wealth Grab is officially underway.

We are already seeing the political elites call for wealth taxes of 1% or more on high net worth individuals. The fact that this stuff is even being considered as a central platform for Presidential candidates in 2020 lets us know this is concept is going mainstream.

And if you think a wealth tax of 1% on high net worth individuals is extreme, consider that the IMF, which the political class uses to justify their insane policies, has already called for a 10% wealth tax on NET WEALTH for everyone.

This is just the beginning. Indeed, perhaps the single most nefarious wealth tax possible has been in place for several years courtesy of Central Banks.

I’m talking about Negative Interest Rate Policy or NIRP.

With NIRP, the person who is lending money to the Government is CHARGED for doing so. So you are literally PAYING the Government for the right to lend it money.

The implications are far worse than this however. Because Government bonds are the bedrock of our current financial system, when they go to NIRP, all interest rates adjust accordingly.

This includes bank deposits… as in you PAY the bank for the right to keep your money there.

NIRP dropped off the radar briefly in the second half of 2018, but it’s back with a vengeance now. Currently $11 TRILLION in global bonds have negative yields, up 16% since October 2018.

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