Russian Nuclear ICBM Stuck In Moscow Traffic Jam

A Russian RS-24 Yars mobile intercontinnental ballistic missile battery was stuck in traffick at the Moscow Ring Road, according to

According to a Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation report, a mechanized column of the missile formation is moving from Teikovo (Ivanovo region) to Alabino (Moscow region) to take part in a rehearsal of the Victory Day parade in Moscow. The crews have passed more than 400 kilometers along federal highways and roads with high traffic intensity, including the federal highway M7 and the Moscow Automobile Ring Road.

"The Moscow Ring Road was decided to shut off at rush hour in order to bring rockets," reports the Moscow News Telegram Channel "338". 

According to Defense Blog, the RS-24 Yars is a solid-propellant ICBM with MIRVed (multiple independently targetable vehicle) warheads, and can maneuver mid-flight to avoid enemy defense systems. 

It cannot, however evade Moscow traffic.