To Expose Cohen Lies, Trump Says "Congress Must Demand Transcript Of Michael's New Book"

Trump was probably too preoccupied on Wednesday to comment on Michael Cohen's seven-hour marathon testimony before the House Oversight Committee, but now that he's back on US soil, the president isn't holding back.

Taking aim at Michael Cohen's insistence that he had a change of heart regarding his relationship with the president after Charlottesville and Helsinki, as well as the former Trump lawyer's decision to break attorney client privilege and turn over financial documents detailing some of Trump's dealings with Deutsche Bank (which Maxine Waters once described as"the biggest money laundering bank in the world"), Trump slammed his longtime employee for his "fraudulent and dishonest" testimony.


Contrary to Cohen's claims that he had lost all respect for the president since Trump became "the worst version of himself" after taking office, Trump claimed that Cohen had circulated a "love letter to Trump" book manuscript to publishers not all that long ago - in fact, the manuscript was submitted, Trump said, after Charlottesville and Helsinki.

Trump added that Congress must "demand the transcript of...Cohen's new book" because "Your heads will spin when you see the lies, misrepresentations and contradictions against his Thursday testimony."

Of course, Cohen's focus on Trump's alleged financial improprieties - he alleged that Trump would inflate or deflate the value of his assets depending on whether he was seeking inclusion on Forbes' wealthiest list, or paying taxes, or applying for a loan - serves a very specific purpose. Now that the Russian collusion narrative has decidedly fizzled (even Cohen said he had no concrete evidence of collusion), Cohen's testimony is part of a broader Democratic effort to shift public scrutiny toward Trump's finances (a push that has already been wholeheartedly embraced by Waters, Adam Schiff and their respective committees).

Trump signed off by demanding an end to the "corrupt and illegally brought Witch Hunt" and declared that "Republicans have been abused long enough".

Of course, Trump isn't the first - nor will he be the last - person to point out inconsistencies and flaws in Cohen's testimony. Two Congressional Republicans, including Oversight Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, have already referred Cohen's testimony to the DOJ.