Trump Affirms Relationship With North Korea "Very Good": "They Know What We Must Have"

In his first Twitter comment on his relationship with North Korea since senior officials in Kim Jong Un's government contradicted Trump's narrative of why he decided to walk away without a deal on Thursday, President Trump appeared to shrug off a warning that Kim may have "lost the will" to continue negotiating and instead insisted that the negotiations were "very substantive" and that the relationship between the two countries remained "very good."


Offering a degree of validation to North Korean officials' insistence that Kim's staked out a "reasonable" position during the talks - and preempting any speculation that there might have been a miscommunication on par with Trump's summit with President Xi in Buenos Aires - Trump said "we know what they want and they know what we must have."

The tweet followed a statement from Beijing urging the partial rollback of some of the UN sanctions against North Korea, as well as a BBG report warning that Kim could face pressure to restart his belligerent missile tests if the country's sanctions-inspired economic recession worsens.