Trump's Strangest And Most Memorable Moments From Marathon CPAC Speech

During a marathon, two-hour address that one journalist described as "unhinged even by his standards" and "lengthy even for Castro", President Trump gave the crowd at CPAC - the annual conservative gathering that helped launched Trump's political career - their money's worth, expounding on a range of topics, including the Mueller probe, Trump's national emergency declaration, the Wall, the Democratic Agenda, AOC's Green New Deal, arming teachers, Otto Warmbier, the midterms, socialism in America, a planned executive order requiring colleges and universities to enforce "free speech", 'Pocahontas', his recent trip to Iraq (made, according to Trump, on a lark), The Fed, ISIS, the economic plight of the Never-Trumpers, forest management...the list goes on.

He didn't shy away from the expletives (which is unusual for Trump nowadays), and, at times, was barely coherent - jumping between seemingly unrelated topics and giving viewers the impression that his speech was most likely entirely improvised. We've already chronicled his comments on the Mueller probe and his brutal mockery of the former Trump administration officials at the DOJ who sanctioned it, as well as Congressman Adam "little Schiff-ty Schiff" (see here), as well as his comments on Jerome Powell and the Fed (here).

But those are by far not the only highlights from a speech that was seemingly stuffed with memorable moments - from Trump's decision to "hug" an American flag...

...To the crowd's beyond enthusiastic reception when Trump walked on stage to "God Bless the U.S.A"...

...To the "guest appearance" by Hayden Williams, the conservative activist who was punched by an unhinged leftist at UC Berkeley last month.

We've rounded up some of the most memorable moments from Trump's speech below:

During a riff on tariffs, Trump brought up something called "the great tariff debate".

Just in case it wasn't clear, Trump informed his audience that he was "totally off script right now" (we imagine few were surprised).

Laying into the Green New Deal, Trump said they want "no more cars" and "the end of air travel."

Not only does the "fake news" media lie and twist Trump's words, they also don't know how to take a joke - particularly when it comes to one innocent quip where Trump asked Russia to get Hillary's emails.

Of course, it wouldn't be CPAC if the crowd didn't spontaneously break out into chants of "Lock Her Up!"

How does Trump stay so on top of the cable news cycle? Why, with the help of a little invention called "TiVo".

It wouldn't be a true Trump riff on the evils of the Russia collusion narrative if he didn't spare a few comments for Adam "little Schiff-ty Schiff".

Comey and everybody at the top of the FBI are "bad, bad people" and "that's been proven now with all of the emails."

Trump loves you, Trump loves me, Trump just loves love.

The president also took a few shots at Marie Hironco, Senator of Hawaii, who provoked a controversy when she said during a recent interview that men need to "shut up."

Apropos of nothing, Trump shared a few comments about a friend of his from New York City (presumably somebody in the real estate business) who is a "stone cold killer." "He kills people for a living" but he gets incredibly uncomfortable with public speaking, and he purportedly asked Trump how he does it, to which the president replied: "It's easy when there's so much love in the room."

Remember the Washington Post's Dave Weigel (who incorrectly tweeted about the crowd size at Trump's inauguration)? Apparently, so does Trump.

The media's biased coverage of Trump's inauguration crowd took up a surprising amount of time, suggesting that Trump is still sore, some 25 months later.

Presenting: Trump's impression of his friends when they call him in the Oval.

Democrats are California are apparently trying to build "Trains to Hawaii".

Remember forest management?

The Never Trumpers are living "hand to mouth".

ISIS should be "100%" defeated any day now.

Followed by Trump's trip to Iraq.

If Trump has one regret from 2018, it's that he didn't wait to drop the hammer on Pocahontas, because now that he's "destroyed her political career", he won't have the chance to run against her.

Williamson's assault at Berkeley was the last straw: He's now planning an executive order demanding that colleges and universities support free speech.

The notion that undocumented immigrants are "better people" than US citizens is patently false, Trump says.

For everybody who's worried about Trump setting a "dangerous precedent" with his national emergency declaration (we're looking at you, Marco), the best way to stop Democrats from doing the same thing is to make sure Trump wins in 2020.

Democrats are embracing open borders, socialism and extreme late-term abortions. Offering some red meat to conservatives, Trump reiterated that America will "never be a socialist country" and added that "we believe in the American dream, not in the socialist nightmare."

Trump (once again) addresses the controversy over his remarks about Otto Warmbier at Thursday's press conference in Hanoi.

Something big is happening in Washington this year on the 4th of July. Is it a military parade? We'll have to wait and find out.

After speaking for more than two hours, Trump wrapped up to thunderous applause.

For anybody looking for a more cohesive run through of the highlights, here's Sean Hannity's "best of":

Watch the whole thing here:

Meanwhile, some 200 miles away at Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, Bernie Sanders was kicking off his campaign with a speech in his home borough of Brooklyn...

...where he vowed to defeat Donald Trump "the most dangerous president in modern American history" and "transform" this country via a political revolution.