The Army Is No Place For Men

Authored by Tim Kirby via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Today may be a joyous day in history because no American reading these words will have any chance of dying from conscription off in some foreign land or at home for that matter. A new major change in draft policy could be proof of its complete and total obsolescence and final death as an instrument of Washington in waging war.

Over the last few years the questionable policies of Social Justice Warriors/Progressives have become so mainstream and status quo that they have begun to be implemented in the place they probably belong the least - the United States Armed Forces.

The cornerstones of the psychology of the modern military as we understand it today are self-sacrifice, heroism, machismo etc. The military is a combination of some sort of macho romanticism and destruction of the ego of each individual soldier until they can function only as a cog in the machine, for individual desires and feelings don’t do well during trench warfare. Overcoming one’s feelings and instincts of self-preservation are critical for battle.

Despite these rather obvious facts the DC bourgeoise is subjecting the troops to things like transgender sensitivity training and making the ROTC march in red women’s high heels to somehow create some sort of understanding with women. Whether this was a show of solidarity or public humiliation depends very much on one’s political leanings. Since there are around 200,000 women already in the US Military who wear the same combat boots as the men, you’d think they could just encourage the men to talk to their female counterparts more often to create solidarity. The ROTC operates on campus but you see the point.

The biggest philosophical question regarding the future of the American Military may become a reality very soon. For years the fact that only men can be drafted has been a much discussed issue. When abortion rights activists claim that the government has no right to control their bodies, they conveniently ignore the fact that thousands and thousands of men can be conscripted and forced to die if the government sees fit. This sort of discrepancy has not gone unnoticed and now the legal ground work to allow women to be drafted is beginning to come into place. This will be the last barrier in terms of gender discrimination left in the armed forces as women all over NATO are starting to get the chance to go to front line combat in asymmetrical wars which do not have any discernible front lines.

So the question is can a military function in a genderless Progressive manner where we need to train people to be automaton killing machines and yet be caring for their feelings and tolerant of others while we do so?

At first glance it would seem not. In a traditional war, if one side were absolutely brutal warmachines with no mercy for others nor concern for their own suffering and the other side were all taking Xanax because their parents didn’t love them enough as kids, it is obvious whose bayonet charge would succeed. But this scenario makes a huge supposition that a modern army would actually need to make some sort of D-Day landing or Battle of Stalingrad meat-grinder standoff, when in reality, for the largest military in the world this sort of combat is becoming obsolete.

The SJW influence coming from its haven in Washington to the military may not actually destroy the army because the battles of Frederick II Suvorov Napoleon are over and the mentality needed to win them is probably not necessary when today’s soldiers can sit at a computer conducting a drone strike against blurry moving blobs on a black and white screen.

The conscious reason why the female draft may become a reality is something to do with “equality” and “diversity” which is inline with the mainstream reasoning in the US at this time but the subconscious reason why this is happening now is because no one actually believes that there will be a draft. As it stands right now 71% of young men aren’t fit for the draft, making it nearly unviable as it stands. If there was a war in the traditional sense the US military would already be in deep trouble trying to fill trenches with grunts. So why not throw women , who have even less desire to fight or ability to do so than the average American male, into the fantasy meat grinder that will never be? At this point it doesn’t matter.

When given the choice (not by conscription or gender exclusive policies) the militaries of the world remain overwhelmingly male but not exclusively male, meaning a lot more men than women are interested in that lifestyle. This is a normal process of our biology and history as a species, which are things that never seem to bother Progressives or SJWs when they work out their policies.

The female draft is now viable because the draft itself is non-viable and no longer necessary for the United States. The less the military continues to need the human component them more extreme Left policies can implemented into the organization from pressure from within Washington without breaking it entirely. However, if there were some sort of cataclysmic event you can be sure that the draft would come into active use again in an instant and the American military would become an intolerant patriarchy again very quickly.