Rolls-Royce Experiencing "Blowout" Demand For Its $325,000 SUV

Just hours after Tesla announced it would be slashing prices for the third time this year on most of its models, an actual luxury carmaker is singing another tune. Rolls-Royce is reportedly having a very difficult time meeting demand for its Cullinan SUV, which starts at $325,000. 

That price is before any type of customization, which is something that all Rolls-Royce customers opt for, according to a report by Bloomberg. Production of the vehicle is "booked solid" until the fourth quarter of 2019, and unlike Tesla, it's fair to guess that Rolls-Royce will find these reservations to be extremely "relevant".

Chief Executive Officer Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes said at the Geneva International Auto Show that "It’s exceeding our expectations. We have customers that aren’t patient and want their car tomorrow, so we’re doing the occasional Saturday shift to meet demand."

The brand is owned by BMW, who engineered the Cullinan to meet the growing SUV demand worldwide, born out of the American market. The model is also extremely popular in Russia and Canada, two markets that traditionally have not been large contributors to revenue for Rolls-Royce in the past.  “The all-wheel drive is attractive for those markets,” Mueller-Oetvoes continued.

At this point Elon Musk is surely asking himself why he didnt' go the "luxury supercar" route.

And speaking of, so far there has been no word to whether or not Rolls-Royce has erected a makeshift tent outside of its production facility to meet demand.