Anti-SJWs Launch "Alita Challenge" To Boycott Man-Hating Captain Marvel

The backlash against Captain Marvel has reached a boiling point ahead of Friday's premiere, after star Brie Larson slammed the number of white male movie critics reviewing her films - while others have taken issue with the feminist marketing campaign behind Marvel's "big feminist movie."

The ensuing flood of complaints against both Larson and Marvel Studios resulted in a 28% drop in box office projections, while popular movie review site Rotten Tomatoes made site-wide changes, removing their "Want To See" feature from the website

Larson's "Social Justice Warrior" (SJW) supporters have branded the backlash as a classic case of misogyny; men who simply can't stand a strong female lead in a superhero movie - however this analysis falls short in light of the overwhelming popularity of hollywood productions such as the Resident Evil, Alien and Kick Ass franchises, not to mention the Hunger Games, the Fifth Element - and of course, badass heroine Sarah Connor from the Terminator series. 

Enter the "Alita Challenge"

Combating the SJWs is a new social media campaign created by comic fans who just want to watch an agenda-free action movie. Dubbed the "Alita Challenge" and operating under the hashtag #AlitaChallenge, moviegoers are encouraged to ditch Friday's premiere of Captain Marvel and instead see Alita: Battle Angel - an adaptation of the popular Japanese cyberpunk manga series which features a female lead, yet doesn't include a "girl-power" agenda or feminist marketingWhat's more, while Alita star Rosa Salazar is no fan of President Trump, she hasn't denounced 30% of the US population. 

In describing the Alita Challenge, OANN's Jack Posobiec explains that Disney, which owns Marvel, has been cramming "SJW bullcrap" down people's throats - noting they "did it to Star Wars," and the Avengers - and now they're doing it with Captain Marvel.

"We're going to stop giving money to people who hate us," says Posobiec, who wants movie studios to leave their politics at the door. 

The #AlitaChallenge isn't the first challenge to the toxic femininity surrounding Captain Marvel - as conservative actor James Woods tweeted on Sunday: "When you have a choice, pick a movie where the studio doesn’t hate half its audience..."

Many have also noted that Rotten Tomatoes professional critics have widely panned Alita despite an incredibly high audience score, while giving Captain Marvel rave reviews. 

Perhaps it should also be noted that the Hollywood Reporter said Captain Marvel is "Mundane" and "marked by unimaginative plotting, cut-rate villains, a bland visual style and a lack of elan in every department."

Of course, the Hollywood Reporter's Todd McCarthy is a white male... and may not be looking for a "her-o"


Trailers for both movies can be seen below. Of note, Alita's has 129,000 thumbs up vs. 5,700 thumbs down, while Captain Marvel has 1 million thumbs up vs. 93,000 thumbs down.