Trump Says He Refused "Fraudster" Cohen When He Asked For A Pardon 

With markets are headed for their worst week of the year, President Trump obviously would like to shift the narrative away from this morning's surprisingly weak jobs report and China trade deal uncertainty, and back to the Democrats' skullduggery.

So the master of distraction has pulled out another one of his legendary diversions: Following reports that Michael Cohen's attorney asked Trump's legal team about the possibility of a pardon after reportedly being instructed to do so by his client (which would suggest that Cohen lied to Congress last week when he said he had never asked for - and wouldn't accept - a presidential pardon), President Trump tweeted Friday morning that he refused the "bad lawyer and fraudster" when he asked him for a pardon directly.

That. means, as Trump pointed out, that Cohen lied to Congress again.

Trump didn't offer any details about when this request was made, or even when he spoke to Cohen last. As for why Trump waited until now, a week and a half after the hearing, for this big revelation - well, that's also unclear.

But the tweet certainly grabbed our attention.