Trump Slams "Wacky Nut Job" Anne Coulter: 'She Hasn't Figured Out That I Am Winning On The Border Wall'

It has been nearly a month since conservative pundit Anne Coulter called Trump an "idiot" for declaring a national emergency to secure funding for his border wall. But, as Congress prepares to vote on a resolution to terminate the order (which Trump will almost certainly veto), Trump has finally launched his counterattack.

After telling reporters last month that he hadn't spoken to Coulter - who visited with him in the wake of his historic electoral victory - in more than a year and that she had gone "off the reservation," Trump tweeted during an otherwise placid Saturday evening that Coulter was a "wacky nutjob" who "still hasn't figured out" that he has been "winning" the war for the border wall, apprehending thousands of illegal immigrants, and building large swaths of the wall - all policies that she has claimed to support.

Coulter hasn't spoken out about the national emergency since her outburst last month, but as the House and the Senate appear poised to pass their challenge and provoke what would be Trump's first presidential veto, Trump is probably looking to make sure everybody falls in line behind him, particularly after a surprising number of Republicans have come out against the order.

Almost immediately, some of Trump's most staunch supporters backed him up.

Meanwhile, even the "Far Left Radicals" against whom Trump is fighting for the wall are finding amusement in the feud.

Will Coulter have the temerity to respond and keep the feud going? Or will the two former political allies (Coulter wrote a whole book supporting Trump's candidacy) finally bury the hatchet?