"Oh My God, Right At The President!": SUV Almost Hits Trump's Motorcade

An out-of-control SUV plowed into a freeway divider just seconds before the presidential motorcade passed by in Opelika, Alabama, on Friday.

ABC Television Stations published the eyewitness video that shows the SUV, a Jeep Liberty, lost control in a southbound lane and hit a section of cable barriers along Interstate 85. The president's motorcade passed in a northbound lane just seconds before the impact.

"Oh my god, right at the president! Are you kidding me? Holy smokes!" an eyewitness standing on the side of the interstate could be heard saying during the incident.

Another person notes the cable wires stopped it.

The video shows the motorcade did not stop nor slow down. The vehicle came to a halt several hundred meters from the initial impact point.

No additional reports indicate the driver of the SUV was injured. Local law enforcement agencies have not said if the crash was intentional.

The Alabama Highway Patrol said the Opelika Police Department is reviewing the incident. The department was not open for comment as per a request via ABC. The Secret Service said they weren't immediately aware of the crash.

The president and first lady Melania Trump were en route to Beauregard, Alabama, to tour the devastated community after a tornado swept through earlier last week, claiming 23 lives.

According to @DataDebunk, the driver of the SUV "swerved out of the way of a car which stopped/slowed to watch the motorcade." There are no official reports to confirm this alleged account, but the Twitter user does provide several images of the crashed Jeep.