hedgeless_horseman's EZ Internet Guide to Your Average Kid Getting Into College With Big Scholarships


"I wish they'd tattoo their SAT scores across their forehead. At least that would make my decision easier."
Leo Whitman, Admissions Committee
From the film, "How I got into college"


I was reading the ZeroHedge article, Feds Arrest Dozens, Including Famous Actresses, In "Largest College Admissions Scam Ever Prosecuted."

For the love of God, don't pay these people, or anyone else, to get your kids into college!

You may have read my ZeroHedge article on codependency.  In it I explain that when we do for others what they could and should do for themselves, it steals from them the opportunity to succeed or fail, and to thus develop the self-esteem we all need.  I believe that overcoming this desire to "help" our children is the foundation to raising children well.  I base this on my personal observations. 

So, without fee or warranty, I bring you hedgeless_horseman's EZ Internet Guide to Your Average Kid Getting Into College With Big Scholarships.

Below are the ten ways the lil_horsemen each gained admission to excellent private universities and earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in college scholarships.


Yes, Saved Money for College 
No Application for Student Loans By Filling Out The FAFSA  

If you don't apply for student loans, then you are way more likely to get scholarships, and not tempted to accept loans.


Yes, Take Multiple AP Classes and AP Tests (Objective)
No International Baccalaureate (Subjective)

The Advanced Placement Classes and their associated AP tests carry way more weight than the "Everybody is a Winner" International Baccalaureate program the high schools are pushing.


Yes, Succeed at Objective Individual Sports like Swimming, Track, and Cross Country
No Subjective or Team Sports

No matter how talented or successful your child is in these objective sports, OR NOT, it is a huge plus for the admissions committees when the student sticks with it through high school and wants to continue in college.  Also, I believe that boys and girls training together, as they do in swimming and running, helps develop mutual respect and emotional intelligence. 


Yes, STEM Major
No Bullshit Major

There is much more scholarship money available for STEM programs, because our society actually needs these degree holders.


Yes, Real Summer Job in High School
No Bullshit "Volunteer Work"

I read somewhere that there is a high correlation between academic success and having a summer job, but I also have seen it firsthand.  


Yes, High SAT Score
No Taking it Multiple Times

Probably the single most important factor is SAT score.  I believe that a portion of our children's ability to focus for the entirety of these multiple-hour tests, and score so well, comes from not having a television to destroy their attention spans.  


Yes, High PSAT NMSQT Score 
No Failure to Study for PSAT NMSQT the Summer Before 10th Grade

Educate your children about the importance of this test.  It is not just a practice test!  


Yes, Essays Actually Written by Student
No Essays Written by Parent

The admissions committees can tell if the kid did not write the essay, especially during the interview.  You aren't helping them by helping them.


Yes, Apply to Ten or More Schools 
No Applying to Just a Few Schools

Mostly, the student gets better at the application process with each effort.  


Yes, Student Makes Each Coach and Interviewer Believe School Is Student's #1 Choice 
No Excuses for Student Not Hounding Every Coach Via Text Message

From the coaches perspective, they don't want to waste one of their very few bullets going to bat with the admissions committee for a kids that is not going to enroll.


And How Could I Forget Bonus Number 11...


Love, peace, and liberty,