Tumblr Traffic Tanks 30% After Banning Booty

Microblogging website Tumblr has seen a 30% drop in traffic since being removed from the iOS App Store in November - followed by a self-imposed ban on adult content in December. 

The Yahoo!-owned social media network came under fire after Download discovered that a large volume of child porn had slipped past the site's filters. The company admitted that "a routine audit discovered content on our platform that had not yet been included in the industry database. 

After their efforts to block child porn failed, Tumblr announced in December a complete ban on NSFW material from the platform.

Based on website traffic data compiled by Similar Web, Tumblr page views plummeted from 521 million on December 3, to 369.6 million as of Feb 19 - a drop of around 30% as noted by Pink News

Tumblr came under pressure last year to remove NSFW content - resulting in a temporary ban in Indonesia.  

This isn't the first time Tumblr has run into this type of problem. In March 2018, the Indonesian government briefly blocked Tumblr over the company's failure to remove pornographic content from its service. In 2017, South Korea asked Tumblr to take down certain pornographic content. The company initially rejected that request but eventually promised to better monitor the spread of adult content. -Download

Looks like people will just have to stick to snapchat for their NSFW needs...