These Are The Top Colleges For 'Sugar Babies'

It's no secret that the growing mountain of student loan debt and increasingly unaffordable college experience has forced some college students to resort to desperate measures to pay their bills.

And while some young students have the luxury of relying on their wealthy parents, one of the most attractive options, among female students with certain desirable attributes, is 'sugaring' - the practice of finding an older, wealthy sugar daddy to pay their bills, often in exchange for sexual favors.


Well, the website SeekingArrangements, one of the most popular platforms for connecting 'sugar babies' with 'sugar daddies', has released a list of the 'fastest growing' schools for sugar babies. And oddly enough, rather than being expensive private schools like NYU and USC, the top spots are largely occupied by public schools like Georgia State and University of West Virginia.

Georgia State, which took the top spot, had 1,300 registered sugar babies, 300 of which signed up in 2018.

One self-described sugar baby who spoke with a local CBS affiliate said she uses the service because she likes men of a 'higher caliber'. She said her sugar daddies have paid her rent, her tuition and even helped her start her own beauty business. Meanwhile, she has used the money they have given her to travel to Mexico and the Bahamas.

"I like men in the higher caliber, so I look for that," said Makaylia Johnson, a 21-year-old student who has used the website for more than two-and-a-half years.

"I was in need of financial help and things like that and I wasn’t really looking like something like a commitment because I’m in college," she told CBS affiliate WGCL.


"It’s everything that involves a relationship basically," she said. "Some people may look at it as a relationship. I look at it as me just being free and having fun."

Here's the full list:

1. Georgia State University

2. University of Central Florida

3. University of Alabama

4. Florida State University

5. University of Florida

6. Rutgers University

7. California State University, Fullerton

8. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

9. University of North Texas

10. University of Missouri

11. West Virginia University

12. University of Cincinnati

13. University of Southern California

14. San Francisco State University

15. University of California, Los Angeles

16. Columbia University

17. New York University

18. University of North Carolina

19. University of Texas, San Antonio

20. Colorado State University