Electric Vehicles Are Unquestionably The Future

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By SilverBullionSG

Caspar Rawles from Benchmark Minerals Intelligence comes on SBTV to discuss the electric vehicle revolution and sheds light on the ongoing global battery arms race of which the US is a bystander.

Simon Moores' testimony on supply chains of key battery raw materials before US Senate: https://bit.ly/2E5bihK

Discussed in this interview:
01:50 Growth of the electric vehicle trend
04:24 How is charging infrastructure keeping up with EV sales
07:34 Falling production costs of lithium-ion batteries
08:58 Why cobalt prices fell in 2018 despite growing EV trend?
14:35 Which battery metal is most promising: Lithium, Cobalt and Nickel
18:01 Feasibility to eliminate cobalt from batteries
21:13 Challenges with solid state batteries
24:04 The global battery arms race
32:57 Any constrictions in supply of battery metals?

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