Mueller Madness: Which Liberal Pundit Ranks "The Worst" At Peddling Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory?

As the MSM pretends we all have goldfish brains and can't remember that they spent the last two years convicting Donald Trump in the court of public opinion, the New York Post is out with "Mueller Madness" brackets to determine who in the media takes the cake for the peddling the most fiction. 

The president’s haters no doubt wish to memory-hole collusion and move on to the next anti-Trump theory. But not so fast: We want to laurel the punditry “champion” — the one who peddled the most nonsensical nonsense, the wildest inanities, the weirdest theories and unsubstantiated stories.

That’s where your brackets come in.

Our contenders are divided into four groups (not unlike NCAA conferences): the print journalists, the cable TV talkers, the Twitterati and the network news reporters and “analysts.” And the brackets are seeded, with the most visible and influential figures contending against the lesser-known.

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