Watch As Tesla Model S Autopilot Fails, Hits Highway Divider

A Tesla Model S on Autopilot recently had trouble handling a construction zone on a California freeway - and the entire incident was caught on dashcam video. 

In the video, posted on YouTube by OC Detailing on March 25, 2019, the car is following along painted boundary lines in the left lane of a highway. Separating the freeway traffic is a median that, due to construction, moves away from the painted shoulder before moving back and encroaching upon the line, narrowing the area between the painted boundary and the physical border.

As the median begins to get closer to the painted boundary line, the Tesla appears to fail to recognize the physical barrier, clipping it at dangerous highway speeds. 

You can watch video of the incident here:

The incident "scratched all the film down the side of the car and destroyed the left front wheel," according to the video. There were no injuries.

Tesla often reminds drivers in these situations that just because it's called "Autopilot" doesn't mean that drivers can take their hands off the wheel or not be attentive. Unless, of course, you're Elon Musk doing a promotional drive for a national news program.